Cyber axis milling center

LDI/Cybr axis milling center communications/ Gateway

                     Fixed and Removable/implant Rxs

To better serve our Dentists and their Staff, LDI/CyBr Axis Milling Center has a gateway that allows you to notify us of  pickups and delivery times.  You can check your invoices, statements, compose and recieve email and gather any other paperwork needed to keep your office on top of the necessary information that comes with manufacturing a dental devices.

Please hover over the Rx/Communications Button for the drop down link to the Gateway. Each account has their own account name and password.  If your office staff would like more information on how to set up your own gateway account, please contact us. We are available to train and help you get set up for easier, faster service.

512-459-3439                                   Mon- Fri  8-5pm CST